Viral Video Woman Climbing Window: Viral star Lisa herself revealed how this incident happened and how it went viral.

Viral Video Woman Climbing Window: Viral star Lisa Rowland, who was seen hanging upside down in her window in one of her videos, has now responded to the recent incident. She accepted the incident and acknowledged the moment in which she was in an abusive situation. This video went viral on the internet and people were laughing after watching it. Rowland shared a sensational photo of herself on social media after the incident. She wrote in a post on it that she accepts the incident and has the ability to take it as a joke. His positive reaction made people laugh and is being praised a lot on the internet. The objectionable video of Lisa Rowland is going viral on the internet and people are searching and watching it in large quantities. Let us know the complete information about the viral video of Lisa Rowland in this article.

Viral Video Woman Climbing Window

In this viral video we see that a Lisa Rowland has a locked window of her house and has forgotten her keys inside. His sister reaches the window to help him. The video shows the man somehow climbing into the window after he forgets his keys inside. Subsequently, his sister takes appropriate steps to help him and encourage him. Once he reaches the window, the scene changes. His sister has pulled a string to help him, but when he goes inside, he gets into a very strange situation. This also gets her dress stuck and her top is exposed. She bends down to get out, but this leaves a part of her dress exposed. The video has funny moments that are making people laugh and it has taken social media by storm.

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Lisa Rowland herself told how this incident happened

On 2 February, in the ITV This Morning broadcast, presenters Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary reviewed an ordeal involving Lisa Rowland and her sister. The sisters sat around in amusement and explained that Lisa had forgotten her keys inside, and then had to rush home from the supermarket to get them back.

Lisa explained that she had to use the toilet so she returned home instead of the market. Later, her story had an even funnier twist as she later got stuck in her window. Roland explained that this was the only way she could get in, as the doors were locked and there was no other open way into the house. Lisa also revealed the fact that the video was made by her partner Nicole in June and revealed how she peed while hanging upside down. His sister can also be seen laughing in the video. Seeing this, people discussed and laughed a lot on social media.

How the video of woman climbing on the window went viral on Tiktok, YouTube, Twitter

Viral video of woman climbing window More than 20 million people have watched this clip so far, so how did it reach most of us? Lisa said she had no idea and was surprised to go viral herself. Lisa said, at 8:30 pm I got a call saying that you are completely on Facebook. We shared it only among friends and not on any social media. And Lisa told that a woman from Northern Ireland named Ruth has posted a video praising Ruth. Lisa doesn’t even know who she is or how she got this video.

Viral Video Woman Climbing Window

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