Neha Mathur Biography, Wiki, Husband and Viral Video

Neha Mathur Biography: Neha Mathur is a social media influencer and a blogger who provides trending tasty cooking information on her blog. On her blog, Neha shows how to cook tasty food from Indian, American, Asian and global cuisines. Neha is very popular not only in India but also all over the world due to her success and blog. Let us tell you that friends, nowadays private videos of famous people are becoming quite viral on social media. Recently, the video of Kulhad Pizza couple vendor went viral and he termed it as fake video. According to media reports, Neha Mathur’s video is also being claimed to have gone viral due to which it is in the news at the moment. Let us know through this article who is Neha Mathur? About his biography, Wikipedia and other information.

Who is Neha Mathur?

Neha Mathur is a famous blogger who is the founder of the blog “Whisk Affairs” and is also a social media influencer. He started Whiskey Affairs in 2012. Neha Mathur, through her blog, gives information about how to prepare tasty dishes from world’s trending cuisines. His blog Whisk Affairs site offers a good cross section of Indian, American, European, Mexican, Asian and international cuisine. Neha also gives recipe information on Instagram, she has a lot of fans on Instagram also. His Instagram ID is whiskaffair which has more than 141k followers. Let us tell you that Neha has traveled to different countries across the world. Neha tells that she likes cooking and travelling.

Neha Mathur Biography

Neha Mathur was born in Banda district of Uttar Pradesh. His parents are doctors working in a government hospital in the state. Neha has three sisters, of whom she is the eldest and she has two younger sisters who are twins. Neha was very fond of cooking since childhood, so she has learned the methods and nuances of cooking from her mother and father.

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Neha Mathur Husband

Talking about Neha Mathur’s marital status, she is married. She was married in 2005. Her husband’s name is Mohit, who is an expert in digital transformation and has also worked in many companies. Mohit helps Neha a lot in her work. Let us tell you that they also have a son whose name is Bhavye.

Neha Mathur Biography, Wiki, Husband and Viral Video
Neha Mathur Biography, Neha Mathur and her Husband, Credit: Whisk Affairs

Neha Mathur Education

Neha did her primary studies from her village and city. After this, he studied degree from Dental Surgeon, which he obtained in 2004. Let us tell you that Neha was fond of cooking since childhood. That’s why she focused her attention towards recipes and started her blog in 2012. On which she explains how to make the dish.

Neha Mathur Biography, Wiki, Husband and Viral Video
Neha Mathur Biography, Neha Mathur son, Credit: Whisk Affairs

Neha Mathur Career

Neha started her career in 2012 through her blog.

Neha was very fond of cooking and eating since childhood, hence she had learned a lot about it from her mother and father in her childhood.

Neha’s parents were doctors so she had a degree in Dental Surgeon but Neha left it due to her passion for food. And focused my attention towards the recipe.

Neha tells through her blog that she has traveled to many countries including Czech Republic, Malaysia, America, which gave her experience of different cuisines and after this she started her career.

Let us tell you that Neha also has a book which contains a collection of recipes. Which you can buy online on Amazon.

Neha Mathur Biography, Wiki, Husband and Viral Video
Neha Mathur Biography, Neha Mathur’s book, Credit: Whisk Affairs


Neha Mathur is always in the headlines for her work, which according to different media remains in the headlines.

  • Neha has been named by Forbes as one of the top 100 digital stars of India.
  • Neha has been interviewed by Google Web Creator.
  • Apart from this, her recipe was also included in Tribune newspaper and Indian Express Indulge magazine.
  • Apart from this, different media and newspapers have shown his interviews and recipes through their medium.

Neha Mathur Viral Video Controversy

Nowadays, there has been a trend of social media stars having viral videos. Recently, an MMS video of Kulhad Pizza couple seller had gone viral, which was in the news. However, Kulhad Pizza seller has called this video fake. At present, a viral video of Neha Mathur is also being claimed which is in the headlines at the moment. And people are searching this video in large quantities on the internet. Let us tell you that this video has not been confirmed yet that it is their video. Nor has he given any reaction regarding this video.

Let us tell you that nowadays an attempt is being made to defame social media stars and actors by making their videos viral. This video is being generated through AI and is being made viral. Recently, a video of Rashmika Mandanna also went viral which was a video generated by AI.

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